How I got started with OPC's

In 2001, I was recovering from chemo treatments when a relative of mine sent me a product to see if it could help me get back on my feet. Long story short, the product (a popular OPC product) was really effective, but cost me a fortune to buy ($70 dollar plus with shipping).

 A year later, I embarked on a mission to spread the message of "OPC's" to the world. Investing my retirement to get started, I sourced the best formulators aa round tuitnd manufacturers, so  I could to produce my own product. That was in 2004 and we are still going strong approaching 2019.
What struck me most with the OPC's was the effect it had on my motivation. Research indicates that it has a positive effect on the motivational part of the brain. That is what I found  in 2001 when I first tried it. It was if someone had given me a whole box of 'Round Tuits ". I just did not know why I had more energy AND the motivation. Research has now answered my question for me.
I hear from our customers that they get less colds (immune boosting), blood pressures are reduced and many joint aches and pains are diminished.
If lack of motivation is a problem, OPC's may be just the ticket to get you your own bucket of "Round Tuit's". If your husband has this motivational problem, it may help but tell him that it can help him live longer. No need to trouble him about the 'Motivation' part. Let that be a surprise:-)



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