How To Keep Your Hair Healthy During Winter

Winter is coming - and we’re not just talking about Game of Thrones. Before we know it, most of us will be experiencing cold snow, harsh winds, and freezing temperatures. While a few of us are packing away our shorts and t-shirts with glee as we pull out the holiday decorations and sweaters, many of us are lamenting the fact that summer is coming to an end. You know who is especially dreading winter? Your hair.

While a hot, beating sun isn’t your hair’s best friend, cold weather is almost worst.

Cold air is a double whammy for hair trouble. Cold air not only holds less moisture than warm air, but it also pulls vital moisture from your hair. Not to mention the havoc that indoor heating systems wreak on your locks by drying out your hair, leaving it dull and lifeless.

Tips For Keeping Your Hair Shiny All Winter Long

      1. Skip Shampoos: Shampoo can strip your hair and scalp of important oils and nutrients. Many women gawk at the thought of heading out with unwashed hair, however, there are a few tips to make this an easier transition. Our scalps naturally produce oils. When we wash our hair every day, our oil glands go into overdrive to make up for the lost moisture. The first time you skip a shampoo, your hair might feel greasy - but don’t worry. After a couple weeks, your scalp will realize that it doesn’t need to produce copious amounts of oil right after a wash, and everything will balance out. Going a day or two between shampoos can help your hair restore balance to your hair and keep healthy oils where they need to be. If your hair is a little greasy, you can always use some dry shampoo or baby powder to absorb the oil.
      2. Give Your Hair Some TLC. Try to do a conditioning treatment once a week during the winter - especially if you find yourself using heat to style your hair every day. While there are expensive conditioning treatments that work, you probably have everything you need right in your kitchen. Honey is one of nature’s best bee beauty products. Honey is a humectant, which means it helps to preserve moisture. Mix a quarter cup of honey with some olive or coconut oil, and apply to your hair and brush through. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap to keep all the goodness in there and leave for about twenty minutes, then simply wash and condition your hair like normal.
      3. Work From The Inside Out: While there is a lot you can do to heal your hair temporarily, the best way to combat dry winter hair is to start from the inside. First, make sure to stay hydrated. It can be easy to skip out on water during the winter because we’re not sweating as much, but so much water vapor is lost through our breath and moisture seeps out of our pores. Using a healthy hair and skin supplement is also key. A royal jelly supplement can help restore health to your hair from the follicle. These royal jelly hair and skin supplements are full of minerals and vitamins, as well with copious amino acids - which if you remember from your high school science class, are the building blocks of important proteins.

You Don’t Have To Hide Your Hair This Winter

While you probably need a hat during a winter storm, there’s no reason to keep your beanie on all day at the office. Show off your gorgeous locks by following the three tips above. Beat the winter cold with a supplement for healthy hair, like our Royal Jelly Capsules. And don’t forget about your skin! Your skin is undergoing the same kind of stress that your hair is. Keep it looking healthy with another one of our bee beauty products from our online health store.


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