Saratoga Supplements on Covid-19

Saratoga Supplements would like to take a short recess from our usual shenanigans to address our customers and readers on the coronavirus pandemic.

We at Saratoga Supplements hope you and your family are safe at home today. We’d like to take a few moments to speak to you seriously about the pandemic and staying safe during the quarantine.

We hope you are following all guidelines from the state and the federal government. The best defense against this pandemic is listening to the professionals and heeding their advice. Trust the CDC, please, for the sake of you and your loved ones.

The first line of defense, of course, is avoiding Covid-19 altogether. Stay home and safe as much as possible and limit time out to essential trips. If you do have to go out, wash your hands, and wash them constantly. Use hand sanitizer when you can’t. Even with the utmost care, exposure is still possible.

That’s why we also want to talk about our newest product here at Saratoga Supplements, the ISO Synergy B-Complex multivitamin. Moreover, we want to talk about its particular importance right now.

Enhancing Your Immune System

The next best thing to avoiding exposure is to ready your body to protect you. That means keeping your immune system in top shape. Our ISO Synergy B-Complex multivitamin is specifically formulated to do just this.

To be clear, this isn’t a convenient claim. I spoke with the president of Saratoga Supplements, Pat Baker, recently in a conversation unrelated to the pandemic. You see, he himself is immune-compromised and one of those most at risk currently. Saratoga Supplements was created for the very people who will most benefit from this product right now.

ISO Synergy B-Complex multivitamin is a purpose formulated to help strengthen the immune system, from its vitamin choices to its binder. A quick note on binders actually. The quickest way to bind a vitamin is with sucrose. That’s sugar.

Saratoga Supplements decided to do things the hard way though and tossed out the sugar. Their formula is bound by carrot powder. Why carrots?

Well, while another multivitamin might be delivering sugar to you in the name of health, Saratoga’s binder means you start with all the vitamins and minerals of carrots (and there are a lot) before you even get to the vitamins they’ve compounded together.

Saratoga Supplements was founded to bring you a superior multivitamin that can enrich your life without emptying your pockets. The company was purpose-built to take the wild expense out of proper multivitamin supplements without sacrificing quality.

Seriously, how many companies can say they were built to charge less? But that’s the ethos Saratoga Supplements lives by, giving you a life-enhancing and possibly life-saving product at an affordable price.

How seriously does Pat Baker take his product? Every bottle of ISO Synergy B-Complex multivitamin has a 100% Money-back Guarantee! I’m not kidding. If you can’t feel the difference this product makes in your life, send it back and you’ll get your money back. How many vitamin companies have you ever heard have the confidence to make that claim?

So, give Saratoga Supplements the chance to defend you during this pandemic. Keep your immune system at its fighting best for you and your family. And for God’s sake, keep washing those hands. We’ll see you on the other side of this.

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