Top 5 Supplements for a Healthy Life


 Keeping a healthy lifestyle and diet can be quite tricky in the hustle and bustle of life. I’m sure if you’re like me you’ve made mistakes or slacked a couple off times when it comes to your health. Sometimes you can do everything right and still not get the nutrients you need to be 100%! I won’t pretend like you don’t know what health supplements are, you’ve been inundated with them your whole life. If you ever walk into a Supplement store, the experience can be quite confusing and half the time they don’t even know what they’re talking about. Below is a list of supplements that may help you in your journey to a healthier and happier life, feel free to do your research and tell me what you think!


1. Antioxidants

Antioxidants have been scientifically shown to increase health and wellness naturally.ISO-OPC Antioxidant Powder Basically, antioxidants are the nutrients in plants that help fight disease in your body. You naturally produce them and are digested through  fruits and vegetables. Antioxidant supplements are made using extracts from the most antioxidant rich sources available. That way you can get your nutrients without having to eat pounds of vegetation. 
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2. Antioxidant Lozenges

Over the last few years studies have shown that the absorption of nutrients from your mouth is close to 200% more effective than through your digestive track. The main reasoning behind this is the thin barrier from your mouth to your cardiovascular systemOPC-EVO- The ONLY OPC Lozenge under the tongue as well as the harsh acidic environment of your stomach degrades nutrients before the can be beneficial. Some folks prefer to take their antioxidants in a Lozenge form for convenience (no powders to deal with, take the bottle anywhere, no water required) and for effectiveness.
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3. CO-Q10

Coenzyme Q-10 is naturally occurring in plants and animals. It helps your body with Co-Q10energy and cellular maintenance. It also acts as an Antioxidant and has shown to help with cardiovascular and skeletal health. CO-Q10 has been heavily studied and is recommended as an overall health supplement.
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4 . Digestive Enzymes

Bacteria is present throughout our entire body, but the bacteria that live in our digestive system are believed to be the most important to overall well-being and health. Our gut bacteria, which lines everything from our mouth to our colon to our intestines,Radical Reds do a lot more than help digest food. They also play a role in our immune system, mood, and metabolism. 
The good type of gut bacteria, called probiotics, are essential to keep a wide variety of healthy bacteria in your gut. A quality probiotic supplement is a good place to start on your journey to better gut health. While probiotics and healthy bacteria can be found in some fermented foods and yogurt, most people do not consume enough of these products daily to reach beneficial levels of probiotics.

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5. Calcium

Many of us forget the importance of a regular regimen of Calcium to help keep a healthy Cal-MIn Fizzskeletal system and fight the occurrence of Osteoporosis.  One of the easiest ways to take your calcium is in a powder form that can be mixed in water or juice. These effervescent calcium crystals dissolve completely and are converted to free, fast-absorbing calcium in your glass-not your stomach. The body totally absorbs the calcium within five minutes, thus avoiding bloating or constipation. Make sure you get a powdered blend that includes all of your minerals that complement the formula to maximize the impact on your overall health.

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If we keep up these simple 'Basics' that are essential to a good health foundation, it will make our lives a lot less complicated as far as quality of life is concerned. Then we can spend our time concentrating on the other things in life that are just as important. 

Health equals freedom and isn't that what we all are pursuing? 






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