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I would have to say the whole thing got started on a Saturday morning when a package was brought in from my mailbox addressed to me. It was from my brother in Houston TX, sending me a health supplement that he wanted me to try hoping it would make me feel better. My issue was that I have been taking some chemo treatments that were experimental trying to fight hepatitis C. but here is some background on my life experience.
In 1968 I was fortunate enough to get a job at the Bell Telephone Company. This was quite an accomplishment in 1968. Bell system was “cutting Edge” stuff. Only YOU could provide dial tone to people. (I am just realizing that 80 percent of the readers of this have NO IDEA about dial tone.)

Anyway, I was used to being in a job where the customers were first. Customer service was easy to me. I love people in general. When the phone man showed up, it was like “Here I am to save the day. People were glad to see you. So fast forward to 2002.


When the package arrived, I gave my brother quick call and he informed me that the product he had sent me was an antioxidant for a MLM company that he was working for.

I told him I’d give it a go. I took the dosage he recommended. About five days of taking the “Loading dose”, I woke up and felt different somehow. It was like I had more energy, or rather more desire to get things done around the house. Now at this time, I was on disability leave from my Tech job. As usual, I had some breakfast. I gazed around the area and noticed the hall closet door was open. I also noticed that there were hand tools in that closet that was meant for linens. I started picking up around the house cleaning out closets doing things that I had been putting off for months because I was so wiped out by the chemo that was now over. I called my brother and told him I wanted more of that product and when he told me it was $75 a bottle that was including shipping I was astonished. He then told me that if I started selling that product for the company that he worked for I could get it for like 48 bucks.

So this is what started me on the path to business and marketing period. Ii wanted to get a product as cheap as i could. I was intending to take this forever. I joined up for the MLM to give it a shot. After I had been with them for about nine months I realized it was nothing but up a marketing scheme with really good products but it not what is was cracked up to be.

Ultimately, in conjunction with and lay off from my telecom job, I decided to take a chance and see if I could manufacture that product myself. As fate would have it,  I am email from a vitamin manufacturer  in New Jersey looking for customers. I made an appointment that evening January 31st 2004 for the following week with the owner. Thus, it was on New Year's Eve Saratoga 'supplements was born and we started manufacturing our own products under USDA guidelines just like all the other big companies. We branched out into other products over the decades but we've always stayed true and fast to our main product, the isotonic antioxidant ISO-OPC .

Sure, we are a small company but we have always had our customer/friends best health interests in mind. I have always loved to interact with our clients. It’s kind of “My Thing”. I live to serve😊

I personally think it was the hand of God that got me started on this path, because it's enabled me to be available for my family whenever I needed to. It never gave me more than I could handle and it never gave me less than I needed.
Will soon be celebrating at 20th anniversary. I still have customers, that have been with me that entire time.
 Join our "Healthy Family" today! You will NOT regret it. We will not let you down.

Regards and Good Health,

Pat Baker

President and Founder

Saratoga Supplement LLC