Antioxidant OPC Lozenge with Resveratrol for Superior Antioxidant Protection

OPCs - oligomeric proanthocyanidins - are one of the most potent antioxidants discovered, and have been shown in numerous studies to provide protective support for numerous aspects of health. The sub-lingual delivery with our Antioxidant OPC lozenge provides absorption of up to 200 percent faster than traditional powder formulas that normally go through the digestive process. As such, it can be taken on an full stomach. Because it is a lozenge, there is no need to mix powder or measure water. It is convenient, portable, diabetic friendly, and easy to use.

OPCs help prevent progression of oxidation, which incurs damage in many areas of the body, notably blood vessel walls by oxidized low-density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol). OPC another grape-derived super antioxidant, was also the subject of a landmark study in 2008 that showed longevity benefits.


OPC gained worldwide attention when "The French Paradox" was discovered. This landmark study showed that people in the French provinces whose diet is marked by high-fat foods and wine consumption also had low incidence of coronary heart disease: OPCs, abundant in wine grapes, were shown to be the reason why.

Saratoga Supplements develops the first Antioxidant OPC Lozenge

Saratoga Supplements' OPC-EVO with Resveratrol additionally supports immunity, circulation, joints, cholesterol ranges and blood pressure already in healthy parameters, and stress.

"We believe that every supplement regimen must include high-dose antioxidants in addition to healthy diet and exercise to obtain the benefits of fighting free radicals caused by environmental and other stress," Baker said. "OPC-EVO is convenient, easy, and a tasty treat to take every day, up to three times a day."