Boosting Immune System With Antioxidants

Boosting Immune System With Antioxidants

As far as Energy boosting antioxidants go, many of our customers  have noticed that after a week of taking our isotonic antioxidant powder and lozenge products seem to give them energy. As long as they are taking the supplement regularly they have less colds, more natural energy. It is when they stop taking them (for whatever reason) that they notice they seem more tired and seem to get colds easier.

The fact of the matter is, our ISO-OPC or OPC-EVO gave them a daily dose of the best antioxidants that their body needed. This in turn means that the free radicals in their body have started their main mission of causing chaos and sapping away at your immune system.

The best free radical neutralizers there are are Pine Bark, Red wine extract and grape seed extract. They are high in ORAC values (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity-a way to measure the level of antioxidant protection capacity of a product).When the three are combined in a powder or lozenge, they seem to be even more effective.

If you really want to be healthier, have better cholesterol levels, more energy and just feel better overall; start with a good antioxidant. Once you realize what all an antioxidant can do for you, you'll wish you had started using it years ago. Try it today!!



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