Studies Find: OPC Antioxidants Can Boost Immune Systems During Flu and Virus Season

Studies have shown a strengthened immune system can lead to a lower chance of contracting the flu and other viruses. It’s important to stay healthy during this season of heightened illness, and one way to do that is by fortifying your immune health.

There are many benefits to taking an OPC Antioxidant Supplement. These benefits include maintaining a healthy cholesterol level, maintaining healthy circulation and promoting sinus comfort. But of vital importance, especially during this hectic flu and virus season, it can boost your immune system and help fight disease. ISO-OPC Antioxidants come loaded with some of the most beneficial ingredients, vitamins, and extracts.

 Pine Bark Extract, Resveratrol, and Bioflavonoids are just a few of the important ingredients in our ISO-OPC Antioxidant. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of these ingredients.

Pine Bark Extract:

Decades of studies show that Pine Bark Extract, or Pycnogenol, has qualities that naturally boost your body’s immune system. Saratoga Supplements’ ISO-OPC Antioxidant has over 50mg of Pine Bark Extract. In addition to boosting your immune system, it can also help improve your skin and improve heart health.


Resveratrol, a chemical naturally found in grapes, is known to inhibit the reproduction of influenza viruses in cell culture and mice, according to a recent report in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. Rather than directly attacking the virus itself, Resveratrol blocks host-cell functions that are essential for viral replication, the report states.



Bioflavonoids, which are commonly found in Black Tea, Red Wine, and Blueberries, can assist in preventing severe flu infections. By breaking down the naturally occurring flavonoids, the compound can help to regulate your body’s immune system by fighting off the flu and other viruses.  This strategy is only effective in avoiding severe damage from the flu when it is taken prior to infection of the influenza virus. Therefore, it is of vital importance to take care of your immune system during this time.


As you can see there are many benefits to adding an OPC Antioxidant to your daily vitamin and supplement routine. Nowadays, with the Flu and Virus season taking up most of the year, it is crucial that we take care of our bodies and do our best to stay healthy.


With Saratoga SupplementsISO-OPC Antioxidant Formula, your body’s immune system will be better equipped to fight off the flu and other viruses. Plus, you’ll find that our’ Antioxidant formula tastes better than other ISO-OPC Antioxidants that are currently on the market.


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