Technology is making us SICK!!

WiFi is yet another source of Free Radicals

I read a study last week on the effects of free radicals in our lives and where the sources were. Now I see a study that confirms that we have yet ANOTHER source of free radicals. WiFi is the NEWEST source that can't really be avoided.
Now, just about every house or business have WiFi in their living or working environment.
This is not a dreadful finding. It is merely one more thing to be aware of.
The good news for you ISO-OPC users out there is that those free radicals can be neutralized. My personal way of answering this call is to double up on my daily ISO-OPC doses.
Free radicals are produced but if we work to have the adequate amount of OPC's in our system, we can drastically lower the amount of free radicals. The free radicals are the mechanism for other health issues to flourish. They provide a good environment for diseases to take root in our body.
I compare it to an army of hungry soldiers that are looking for food. Your OPC's give them the meal they are looking for. Once the troops are happy, they stop causing problems in your system.

It is said that we need to eat 8 servings of fruits and vegetables daily to get the vitamins and antioxidants we need to fight excess free radicals. I don't know about you, but there is NO WAY I have time to do that. So I take the easy healthy way to get mine. I take three scoops daily just to make sure I have what I need. That may be a tad bit overkill, but it works for me.

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